Practices of installing Carla Simulator

Recently I am working on an autonomous driving simulator project. Here are some errors and solutions when installing Carla.   Compile Module.Carla.cpp fatal error: file ‘/usr/include/linux/version.h’ has been modified since the precompiled header check this page, . The author gives the solution: cd Unreal/CarlaUE4/ make CarlaUE4Editor ARGS=-clean make CarlaUE4Editor      


First, determine the correct python path you want to use. To list the path, using the command python -m site echo $PATH To see the current python package used insystem, try echo $PYTHONPATH Then, edit your .bashrc. This is let the system forget all the other python. It will only love one path: the one […]

LaTeX notes

A good tutorials website: An online editor: A good reference cheat sheet List of all mathematical symbol Greek Alphabet Double-barred font: Script-like font: Multiline equations, systems and matrices LaTeX – Multiline equations, systems and matrices Use $ for inline equations Page size and margins Center align and format […]

Graphical image annotation tool

This morning I played with some manual graphical image annotation tool, for fun, and also for preparing the term thesis project. There is a Wikipedia page where lists some popular annotation tool I first tried LabelMe. This is a famous project created by MIT guys. It is recently open sourced on github. It […]

Working Log on Ubuntu 16.04

7-10 Install Google Cartographer ROS follow the instruction here I installed the wstool.  Because there is already a folder “catkin_ws” created by the original catkin tool. In order to avoid trouble, I created a new folder “ros_catkin_ws” as the root folder for wstool. This is the folder name in ROS’s intruction page here 7-12 Remove […]

Self-Driving Golf Car(1): Environment Setup

Ros has an example project to demonstrate how to write software for an autonomous golf car, RBCar by Robotnik Automation. From this weekend, I started to study this. The project’s ROS homepage: In order to run the demo, you have to download the following packages: rbcar_common, rbcar_sim, robotnik_purepursuit_planner, ackermann_msgs, move_base_msgs, robotnik_msgs, robotnik_sensors, twist_mux, summit_xl_pad (When I […]